is a phriendly personal site that helps connect those who love live music & want to share.

About Us

We are brothers from Vermont who go by the names Dusty and Brando. If you don't know us by name, then you probably recognize our faces from the many years of shows. For the past 20 years we have traveled this beautiful country enjoying the music of Phish, The Grateful Dead and the hundreds of the other musical acts that define this fun and interesting lifestyle. In 2009 we started to unite the fans in an effort to keep the cost of concert tickets at Face Value.

While developing we have enjoyed thinking of new ideas to bring this fun loving community together. Last year we started building to do just that. After many humorous conversations with friends involving the healthy obsession with the music, and how intertwined it is in our social circles, the idea of a website uniting music lovers seemed like just cause. We all know the joy that the music brings, and the role it plays in our lives, so hopefully with a little help from cyber space and your love for each other and the music, you find this site useful in meeting like minded good hearted people.

If you are a person who enjoys dinner at a small club while listening to a singer song writer, or can't get that cheesy radio tune out of your head, or want to learn how to play the mandolin, or if you love going to shows, or if you are a musician and understand that music plays a major role in your being, then welcome to Live Music Match. Enjoy using the site and remember...

we just want you to be happy :)

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