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Frequently asked Questions

Is LiveMusicMatch free to use?
Heck yeah!


Can non members see my profile?

Can I hide my profile while I am working on it?
Yes you can. Once logged in go to the profile link in the nav bar and there is a “DEACTIVATE” button. Click that baby and your profile will not be visible.

How do I change my profile pic?
Click your photos tab in your profile page and hover over one of your photos and there is a blue arrow. Click that baby and that will be your profile pic.

Delete a photo from my gallery?
Hover over a photo in your photo page under your profile and click the red arrow.

Edit my profile content?
Once logged in click the profile link and under your info tab there will be a big fat “edit” link. Edit away, scroll to the button and click save changes.


How do I contact someone through the site?
Click on their profile and there is a link under their profile picture to send them a message, only when you are logged in.

Can non members contact me?
Nope. Only members who are signed in will be able to contact you through the LiveMusicMatch email interface.

How will I know when someone contacts me?
An email will be sent to the email address you assigned to your profile when you signed up. Click the link in your email and it will bring you back to the site, then login, click on your profile inbox under the profile link in the nav, and the message will be stored there. You can reply on the site like a bulletin board and it will send them a reply email.

How will I know if they read my email?
An unread caption will appear next to your email thread in your LiveMusicMatch inbox. When they read it, the caption will disappear.

Will anyone see my email address?


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