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Looking for someone down to earth, grounded, but still a ton of fun

copying my OK cupid profile here because it's easy! I always meet people in the most unconventional ways so why not add this to the list? I'm not a big fan of bar meets or even going out socializing every single night so I feel like getting to know someone online first might be a better choice. Any way, I'm 26, college graduated having the time of my life and looking for someone to share it all with. I've had a great job since graduating college and spend almost every minute off my time off traveling. My one true love and hobby is music and music festivals. I am open to all genre's but tend to gravitate towards the bluegrass/jam scene. I'm a big phish fan, and during this fall tour I'll be climbing in to my 70th-80th shows! I try to keep my life filled with travel, fun, music, new experiences, and laughter. I enjoy animals, outdoors, Colorado!, and meeting new people, among many other things. I try not to stay in one place too often although right now I consider Denver my home. I'm not looking for someone who needs a companion to feel fulfilled. I want to find someone who already considers themselves a happy person and just wants to share that like I do. I have my own home, car, dreams, aspirations, and all that and it would be nice to find someone who has some of the same. Although I prefer to take on a more dominant commanding role in relationships I'm not looking for a 'lost' girl or somebody without their own independent personality. My perfect companion is someone with a strong head on their shoulders, who knows what they want in life and has a plan to get there but prefers the companionship of a strong man who takes pride in making decisions. I'm not on here for sex, but consider myself a very open and sexual person and would prefer someone who also feels the same. In the past six months, I have lost 180 pounds and have a new sense self of worth and spirituality I would love to share. I am not a daily drinker but do tend to smoke marijuana on a daily basis at most times of the year. My biggest loves are music, traveling, my family, business, and theatre. I live my life surrounded by amazing friends and my best friend my australian Shepherd, simon FYI-some times my profile says Chicago, some times Denver depending on where I'm at. Right now I'm currently living in Denver most of the time, however i come back to Chicago often and still own a home in the suburbs. I would love to meet new friends around the Denver area especially as I am new to town I'm not specifically looking for something romantic. . What Iím doing with my life I work full time as the manager of a line of business for a growing electronics recycling company. I'm extremely fortunate to telecommute to work so it has given me a lot of freedom to travel and do exactly what I want to do. I also am an entrepreneur with my hands in many different baskets, the most important one to me being live music promotion. I spend a ton of time traveling around the US (and soon the world) and seeing everything I can while I still have time! I enjoy the occasional party or music festival and am not afraid to have a good time. I love new experiences and am surely a 'try everything once' type of person. I'm down with all types of experimentation; music, travel, drugs, life, sex, etc to most lengths. In the past, I don't match well with people who are very shy, timid, or scared. I consider myself extremely level headed and goal oriented but still love to have fun more than most. . Iím really good at making people laugh, having a good time, making plans and following them (doing what I say), business, finding the light in a bad situation, 4:20 . The first things people usually notice about me My sense of humor, my eyes, my openness . Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food My passion is music and I enjoy many different types. I travel often to see music festivals and traveling concerts. I've seen quite a few phish shows and been to a lot of summer festivals. I would love to find someone who shares this passion as it is the number one hobby in my life and will most likely remain so. I'm not a big movie or TV watcher... Love food, but currently have a diet that restricts it's intake greatly and my entire nutrition has changed... Like to read occasionally but usually non fiction or self advancement/business/ spirituality based books. . The six things I could never do without music, my friends, my family, my dog, 4:20, and travel . I spend a lot of time thinking about Music, life, my career, my future and my family present and future . On a typical Friday night I am No Friday night is typical. one night I might be in relaxing... the next Friday night I might be 2000 miles away seeing a concert.

Filling in the blanks

The band/artist I have seen the most live has been Phish for over years.

3 of my other top bands/artists I have seen the most live are Phish, Yonder Mountain String Band, Members of Grateful Dead

On my night off you could probably find me you never know. every week is different

One of my favorite shows was standout was an everyone orchestra show outside in the freezing cold in Elgin IL a few years ago.

A fun show memory is

My favorite venue is madison square garden

My astrological sign is libra and that gives me the right to be awesome

If you like me, you'd better like phish and weed

If I could play any instrument it would be

Two things that are important to have in my life are family and my future

I would love to learn how to snowboard

The quickest way to my heart is by showing you care the quickest way to my bed is showing your kinky side

If im not out seeing live music I am usually hang with friends and my dog

A song that usually gets stuck in my head is oldies, motown

If i could choose anything off the dinner menu it would be steak

Either / Or

Usually dance down or Chill /absorb/ head-nod

Lawn or Pavilion

Camping at a festival or 5 Star Resort

Coffee or Tea

Solar or Fossil Fuels

Wine or Beer

Show up with tickets or Find them on lot

Moma Dance or Slave

Sammy Smith or Bud

Free Trade or Fair Trade



Interested In:

Relationship status:

Joliet or Denver



6 03

Body type:
a few extra pounds

Eye color:

Hair type/color:


college graduate





Have children:

Want children:



sometimes - smoke

never say never - I'm cool with weed and ocassional dabbling others


How I get around town:

Dietary preferences:
indiscriminant omnivore

How I spend my free time:
smoking dope

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