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So Many Roads

I'm never happier than when I'm standing close, front and center to the action, letting the beat and intensity of a talented band invade every inch of my senses. To say that I love music would be the understatement of the century... because sometimes music feels like the most important accessory to my life (aside from my favorite tie-dye t-shirt, my hemp-woven hand-bags, and my bikini)... During the day I'll be crunching numbers and analyzing financial data, but on the weekends and evenings you'll find me dragging my girlfriends out to different Orlando music venues to see our favorite local bands or check out an interesting show that happens to be passing through (jam bands are probably my fav. -- but don't forget reggae, classic rock, jazz, or for that matter, anything with a steady beat). You'll see me standing as close as I can, probably sipping a pale ale, and if it's good, I'll be dancing. When I'm not soaking up the live music scene around Orlando, you can find me soaking up the sun in my bikini, floating in my pool, with a beer in one hand and a book in the other... Or, I might be working on my tan in South Florida, communing with the ocean on a weekend diving trip with my scuba buddies. Actually, the one thing that's enticed me to travel the farthest in the world is the fish.. either the band (I'm usually taking at least five or six long weekends a year to see a Phish show or music fest somewhere in the US), but I've also been known to leave the country to explore some of the best diving locations of the world, like Belize and Bonaire where the visibility is endless and the fish will come and eat right out of your hand. My passport is up to date, is yours? I guess you could say I have a work-serious-know-when-it's-time-to-have-fun kind of personality. I never thought I'd be an expert on finances and credit, but there's a big part of my job that's totally me. I might have the blondest head in the cubical farm, but when I put my banker hat on and start fitting the pieces of the numbers puzzle together, it brings a lot of satisfaction -- And when one plus one finally equals two.... that's when I know I can let my hair down and head out on the town for a drink and some music with my best friends. I'm looking for the kind of guy who knows what he wants and how to get it, who's serious about his career, but also likes to have fun and live his life like there's no tomorrow. Someone who thinks it's an awesome idea to fly across the country to see a music festival... or I'd also like to meet a dive buddy I can trust, someone who's had enough experience to know what's important in life and someone who's willing to take the plunge -- someone who's not afraid to go as deep as we can.

Filling in the blanks

The band/artist I have seen the most live has been Phish for over 20 years.

3 of my other top bands/artists I have seen the most live are Grateful Dead, WSP,

On my night off you could probably find me At a show

One of my favorite shows was SuperBall IX

A fun show memory is

My favorite venue is

My astrological sign is Capricorn and that gives me the right to be awesome

If you like me, you'd better like good music and going to shows

If I could play any instrument it would be guitar

Two things that are important to have in my life are good friends and love

I would love to learn how to juggle fire

The quickest way to my heart is the quickest way to my bed is

If im not out seeing live music I am usually scuba dive

A song that usually gets stuck in my head is Mike's Song

If i could choose anything off the dinner menu it would be snow crab legs

Either / Or

Usually dance down or Chill /absorb/ head-nod

Lawn or Pavilion

Camping at a festival or 5 Star Resort

Coffee or Tea

Solar or Fossil Fuels

Wine or Beer

Show up with tickets or Find them on lot

Moma Dance or Slave

Sammy Smith or Bud

Free Trade or Fair Trade



Interested In:

Relationship status:




5 06

Body type:

Eye color:

Hair type/color:


college graduate


spiritual, not religious



Have children:

Want children:
not sure






How I get around town:

Dietary preferences:
indiscriminant omnivore

How I spend my free time:
building snow men

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